PhD ceremonies January 2015

9-1     Dennis Wong
21-1   Bart Ament
23-1   Ingrid Brands
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PhD ceremonies February 2015

12-2   Mandy Stijnen
25-2   Mickaël Hiligsmann
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Title keyword
'Antibiotics: the more you use it, the more you lose it.'
Thesis Christel van der Donk
'The Internet as a delivery mode for health interventions can be a blessing as well as a curse.'
Thesis Iman Elfeddali
'Pressure ulcers are a relevant nursing care topic in hospitalised pediatric patients of all ages.'
Thesis Anna-Barbara Schlüer
'A good-looking intervention is not necessarily an effective intervention.'
Thesis Dilana Schaafsma
'Limited health literacy is an underestimated public health 
challenge in Europe.'
Thesis Kristine Sørensen
Hans Bosma, endowed professor of Social Epidemiology
15/01/2015 - “The reduction of socioeconomic health disparities requires different research”
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Prof. Nico van Meeteren appointed Executive Director of the ‘Topsector Life Sciences and Health’
15/01/2015 - Nico will also act as the Secretary General to the Topteam LSH
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Young Investigator Award for Annemariek Driessen
15/01/2015 - She received the award for her research on the relation between new diabetes medication and fractures
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PhD thesis Machteld Huber on a new, dynamic concept of health
15/01/2015 - ‘Towards a new, dynamic concept of Health. Its operationalisation and use in public health and healthcare, and in evaluating health effects of food’
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