Care and Public Health Research Institute

CAPHRI is one of Maastricht University’s largest research institutes, with a focus on Healthcare Innovation and Public Health Research. Our goal is simple. We aim to improve people’s health by performing the highest quality, multidisciplinary research across the complete healthcare chain, ranging from prevention and primary care to aftercare and rehabilitation. CAPHRI has attracted the top scientists from around the world to contribute to this mission.

Overweight prevention, starting from birth onwards: An evaluation of the development and effect of a training program for child health care practitioners in the Netherlands

Thesis Eveliene Dera-de Bie

Sarcopenia: a Rising Geriatric Giant; Health and Economic Outcomes of Community-Dwelling Older Adults with Sarcopenia

Thesis Donja Mijnarends

Peer-driven testing for Chlamydia trachomatis in sexual and social networks: the value for chlamydia control

Thesis Kevin Theunissen

Alcohol consumption among students in Vietnam

Thesis Diep Pham

Diagnosis and treatment of basal cell carcinoma

Thesis Marieke Roozeboom