In top sport, performance and physical functions are measured in various ways. Applications used in (top) sport can sometimes also be used in healthcare with minor adjustments. It is not always... more
6 June 201916.00 hrs.

PhD ceremony Wilma Savelberg-PasmansResearch line: Promoting Health and Personalised Care Supervisor: Prof.dr. T. van der Weijden, Prof.dr. L.J. BoersmaCo-supervisors: Dr. M.L... more
A follow-up study has been started to put an asthma breath test for toddlers into practice. The new breath test, developed by Edward Dompeling (research line Optimising Patient Care) and colleagues... more
On 23 May 2019 The G.C.E.Burgerpenning 2019, a prize for the best publication in the field of occupational and industrial medicine, was awarded to Carin de Brouwer for her dissertation, entitled: “... more
On 20, 21 and 22 May 2019, the 5th edition of the high-rated course 'Klinische predictiemodellen - theorie en praktijk’ will take place in Van der Valk Hotel, Maastricht. The course, which will be in... more
Save the Date: De Academische Werkplaats Revalidatie, een samenwerking tussen Adelante Zorggroep en Universiteit Maastricht/CAPHRI organiseert het symposium 'Thuisinterventies in de kinderrevalidatie... more
On 8 and 9 May 2019 the Annual CaRe days organised by the Netherlands School of Public Health and Care Research will take place at the Inntel Hotels Art in Eindhoven. This year's theme is Science for... more
This year’s annual CaRe Days took place on 8 and 9 May in Eindhoven. Approximately 150 PhD students and senior researchers of the four research institutes, APH, CAPHRI, Nivel and RIHS joined to... more
10 May 201914.00 hrs.

PhD ceremony Lotte KnapenResearch line: Optimising Patient Care Supervisor: prof.dr. V.C.G. Tjan-HeijnenCo-supervisors: Dr. S. Croes; dr. F. de Vries; dr. N.P. van Erp,... more
The first results of the project "The Healthy Primary School of the Future" are summarized in a public-friendly booklet. The effects are more than encouraging: children have started to behave more... more
The Expertise Centre Pain and Rehabilitation made a short film in which their treatment "Exposure in vivo in chronic pain" is explained. The expertise centre is part of the Living Lab Rehabilitation... more
Theresa Thoma-Lürken, postdoctoral researcher within the RL Ageing and Long-Term Care, was awarded the UM Valorisation Prize 2019 for the quality of her valorisation chapter in her dissertation. Her... more
26 April 201914.00 hrs.

PhD ceremony Kirsten PeetoomResearch line: Optimising Patient Care  Supervisors: prof.dr. J.W.L. Cals, prof.dr. G.J. Dinant, prof. dr. R.M.M. CrutzenTitle: Fever management... more
The Vliegenpark, a park in Maastricht North-West that is not more than a large green field. How could the green become more social? The workgroup ‘Socialgreen’ of ‘Universiteit met de buurt’... more
Vooraankondiging refereerbijeenkomst, deel twee in de serie 'De Gezonde Generatie':
"Het jonge kind van 2 tot 9 jaar"
Refereerbijeenkomsten voor professionals in: de (publieke) gezondheidszorg,... more
8 March 201916.00 hrs.

PhD ceremony Floortje MoesResearch line: Inequity, Participation and Globalisation Supervisors:prof.dr. K. Horstman, prof.dr. E.S. Houwaart, prof.dr. D.M.J. Delnoij, EURTitle... more
7 February 201914.00 hrs.

PhD ceremony Elham E. AminResearch line: Creating Value-Based Healthcare Supervisors:prof.dr. H. ten Cate, prof.dr. M.A. JooreCo-supervisor:dr. A.J. ten Cate-HoekTitle:... more
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Datum & tijd: Dinsdag 22 januari, 12.00 - 13.30Locatie: Greepzaal MUMC+, Niveau 4Voor iedereen vrij toegankelijk, aanmelden niet nodig
Organisatie:... more
11 January 201914.00 hrs.

PhD ceremony Velibor PetersSupervisors:prof.dr. IJ. Kant, prof.dr. A.E. de RijkCo-supervisor:dr. J.A. Engels (HS Arnhem-Nijmegen)Title:Working time arrangements; A tool to... more
To celebrate its 20th anniversary the Academic Collaborative Center Care of Older People Zuid-Limburg organises a symposium (in Dutch) on 14 december 2018. The Center is a formal cooperation between... more
Ben Wijnen has won the prize for best 2017 article from the Dutch Society of Technology Assessment in Health Care (NVTAG) for his methodological article entitled “A comparison of the responsiveness... more
5 december 2018

PhD ceremony Daisy de Bruijn-GeraetsSupervisors:prof.dr. C.D. Disksen, prof.dr. H.J.M. Vrijhoef (VU Brussel)Co-supervisor:dr. Y.J. van Eijck-HustingsTitle:BIG issues; evaluation of... more
7 November 201816.00 hrs.

PhD ceremony Dennis de RuijterSupervisor:prof.dr. H. de VriesCo-supervisor:dr. C. Hoving, dr. E.S. Smit, UvA Title:Employing E-Learning to promote smoking cessation care;... more
Would you like to know more about the treatment of adolescents and adults with chronic pain? Come to the symposium ‘Exposure and chronic pain: Do or Dare’ (in Dutch language).
This symposium is... more
On Thursday 11 October the Lime MEET (ing) takes place (in Dutch). During this conference you will learn everything about the latest developments in the field of smarter measuring for better health... more