Horizon 2020 grant for researchers from the Department of Health Promotion
Prof. Marc Willemsen, Dr Gera Nagelhout, Prof. Hein de Vries and Drs. Karin Hummel from the Department of Health Promotion... more
Dr Jako Burgers appointed extraordinary professor
On 2 June 2016 Jako Burgers was appointed as extraordinary Professor Promoting Personalised Care in Clinical Practice Guidelines. The chair is... more
Report of workshop held 25 May: Research Support at Maastricht UMC+
Workshop brings broad research support at MUMC+ one step closer‘It’s essential to identify the client first and figure out what... more
Prof. Ruud Kempen appointed President of the Dutch Society of Gerontology
Last May Prof. Ruud Kempen (Department of Health Services Research) was appointed as the President of the Dutch Society of... more
Media attention for smoking cessation study
Since its recent start, a study on rewards for smoking cessation by the department of Family Medicine has caught a lot of attention in the national media.... more
Kasia Czabanowska elected an ASPHER President
On 25 May 2016 at the yearly Deans and Directors of the Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER) Retreat at the National... more
On 25 May 2016, both Prof. Ruud Kempen and Prof Jos Schols were installed by the Health Council of the Netherlands as members of the committee that will develop recommendations for the Ministry of... more
2 June 201616.00 hrs.
PhD ceremony Ingrid van den HovenSupervisor: Prof. V.C.G. Tjan-HeijnenCo-supervisors: Dr R.M.H. Roumen, MMC Veldhoven, Dr A.C. Voogd,IKNL EindhovenTitle: Clinical prediction... more
Daan Westra awarded Best International Paper at the Academy of Management
Daan Westra has received the Best International Paper award of the Academy of Management’s Health Care Management division.... more
Sharing knowledge & inspiration – Valorisation Lunch Series
First Lunch: Monday 30 May, 12:00 - 13:00 | Co Greepzaal, UNS 60 Speaker: Jos Prickaerts | Looking back: do’s and don’ts for... more
Sander Dekker visits the Health Elementary School of the Future
On Monday 23 May Sander Dekker, the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science, visited the project Healthy Elementary School of... more
Dutch Hacking Health Award for Christel van Beijsterveld and department physical therapy MUMC+
From 20-22 May 2016, the Maastricht version of the ‘Dutch Hacking Health’ was organised by Maastricht... more
‘Revalidatiefonds’ grant for COAD study
The ‘Revalidatiefonds’ awarded a grant for a subproject of the COAD study to Prof. Rob Smeets and Laura Beckers of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine.... more
Dr Annemarie Koster appointed member of Health Council Committee
On 13 May 2016, Dr Annemarie Koster (Associate Professor at the Department of Social Medicine) was installed by the Health Council of... more
Jany Rademakers, endowed professor of Health Literacy and Patient Participation“Not all patients can assume an active role”
Citizens – as patients – are by no means all able to assume an active role... more
John Penders awarded NWO Vidi-grant
In total, NWO received 572 project proposals of which 87 were granted. John Penders (NUTRIM/CAPHRI) was awarded a Vidi-grant for his research project ‘Unwanted... more
After the great start of the conference series byteMAL in Maastricht, the next conference is coming up in Aachen on 17 June 2016. byteMAL (Bioinformatics for Young inTernational researchers Expo) is... more
In August 2015 Jany Rademakers was appointed as endowed Professor ‘Health Literacy and Patient Participation’. Jany will accept this position with the delivery of an inaugural lecture on Friday 13... more
Scoliosis is a condition that leads to strong 3-D deformation of the spinal column. It occurs in adolescent female children, often without obvious cause, but also later in life as degenerative... more
Maurice Zeegers has been Scientific Director of the CAPHRI School for Public Health and Primary Care for six months now: “This is an organisation with motivated and very talented researchers”
“It is... more
Chris Arts appointed Associate Professor
As of 1 May 2016, Dr Chris Arts has been appointed Associate Professor Translational biomaterials research. Chris Arts has been working as lecturer and senior... more
PhD cum laude for Hanneke Beerens
On 29 April 2016 Hanneke Beerens defended her PhD thesis entitled ‘Adding life to years; quality of life of people with dementia receiving long-term care’ and was... more
12 May 201612.00 hrs.

PhD ceremony Tanja DorresteijnSupervisors: Prof. G. Kempen, Prof. J. VlaeyenCo-supervisor: Dr G. ZijlstraTitle: A home-based program to manage concerns about falls; Feasibility... more
Klasien Horstman appointed member of ZonMw Committee Fostering Responsible Research Practices
On 21 April 2016 ZonMw installed a new Committee Fostering Responsible Research Practices. This committee... more
Milena Pavlova receives AXA Award of 250,000 Euro
The AXA awards are endowed by the AXA Research Fund, which is the Science Philanthropy Initiative of the AXA Insurance Group. The awards are prizes... more