CAPHRI Organisation

CAPHRI is one of the schools of the Maastricht UMC+, consisting of the Faculty of Health, Medicine & Life Sciences (FHML) and the Academic Hospital Maastricht (azM).

The organisation and managerial structure facilitates high quality and multidisciplinary research. There is a bottom-up structure in which the work is organised by research teams, working in six multi-departmental research lines, which are managed by a chair and a vice chair. Researchers are appointed in the research lines but housed in discipline specific departments

The School Office supports the research lines’ projects on several points; e.g. the budget and submission of (grant/contract) applications, acceptance of applications, periodic reporting and final accounts.

The Scientific director is responsible for helping CAPHRI researchers and to excel, enjoy their work and contribute to society, both internationally and in the region. He maintains a broad network of partners, develops the institutional strategy, policies and supervises the daily management of the Institute, including the financial responsibility, the multidisciplinary cohesion, the scientific quality control and production mechanisms, and the external review cycles.