Research lines

CAPHRI’s research is organised in research lines. In each research line, a group consisting of senior investigators, postdocs, PhD candidates and support staff work closely together on related multidisciplinary research projects. The research line chairs are responsible for the development of each research line, project acquisition and management, the overall scientific output and PhD graduations, the financial results and the human resources.

Research line Chair Vice chair
Ageing and Long-Term Care Prof. Ruud Kempen Prof. Jan Hamers
Creating Value-Based Health Care  Prof. Silvia Evers Dr Peter Schröder-Bäck
Functioning and Rehabilitation Prof. Annelies Boonen Prof. IJmert Kant
Inequity, Participation and Globalisation Prof. Klasien Horstman Prof. Hans Bosma
Optimising Patient Care Prof. Pieter Dagnelie Prof. Jean Muris
Promoting Health & Personalised Care Prof. Hein de Vries Prof. Trudy van der Weijden