Cum laude for Annerika Slok

11 November 2016

PhD cum laude for Annerika Slok

On 9 November Annerika Slok defended her PhD thesis entitled ‘Towards personalised management using the Assessment of Burden of COPD (ABC) tool’ and was awarded the distinction cum laude.

Annerika Slok’s thesis describes the development and evaluation of the ABC tool. The tool is developed to measure experienced burden of COPD and help the patient and healthcare provider to put the patient in the driver’s seat of his or her own treatment. The tool has proven to be effective in increasing patients’ disease specific quality of life and experienced quality of care. The tool can offer patients and healthcare providers insight in the different aspects of COPD, it can provide structure during consultation and it can be helpful in making a personalised treatment plan. Based on these results the Dutch Lung Alliance (in Dutch: Long Alliantie Nederland) decided to start an implementation process, to facilitate nationwide implementation and use of the ABC tool during consultations with COPD patients in both primary and secondary care.

Annerika’s supervisors were Professors Onno van Schayck, Daniel Kotz and Niels Chavannes and co-supervisor was Dr Hans in ‘t Veen. Prior to the PhD defence, a symposium was organised. Speakers included Minister Schippers and professor Ab Klink.