Daan Westra awarded

1 June 2016

Daan Westra awarded Best International Paper at the Academy of Management

Daan WestraDaan Westra has received the Best International Paper award of the Academy of Management’s Health Care Management division. Subsequently, he has been nominated for the all-academy Carolyn Dexter award. Daan and his co-authors Federica Angeli, Martin Carree, and Dirk Ruwaard have received the award for their paper titled ‘Does Price Competition Drive Cooperation in Health Care? A Stochastic Actor Oriented Model Analysis’  in which they analyse the cooperative strategies of competing hospitals in the Netherlands.

Daan was already granted the division´s doctoral student travel scholarship to attend the 2016 AOM annual meeting in Anaheim, USA.  He will present two papers during the conference in August, one of which has now been honoured with the division’s best international paper award.

Both papers will be a part of Daan’s dissertation which revolves around inter-organisational strategies of hospitals in a price-competitive market. His project is one of the six projects funded by the Academic Collaborative Center for Sustainable Care. The best international paper award of one of the most prestigious management conferences worldwide serves as recognition of the quality and relevance of the work the team has conducted during this project.

More information: d.westra@maastrichtuniversity.nl