Grant Nagelhout & De Vries

14 January 2016

Gera Nagelhout and Hein de Vries receive grant Fonds NutsOhra

Hein de VriesGera NagelhoutDr Gera Nagelhout and Professor Hein de Vries from the Department of Health Promotion worked together with a team of social workers from Apeldoorn on a grant proposal for Fonds NutsOhra regarding multiproblem families. Multiproblem families are families that deal with, for example, financial problems, domestic violence, and child abuse. These families already get help with these very urgent problems, but they often have an unhealthy lifestyle (e.g. smoking, drinking, and obesity) for which they do not get help. The current project aims to develop and test the (cost)effectiveness of a lifestyle intervention for these families. The project will start in April 2016.