Grant ZonMw for implementation study on smoking cessation in the workplace

3 September 2018

Dr. Gera Nagelhout, Prof. Onno van Schayck, and Drs. Floor van den Brand (RL Optimising Patient Care and RL Promoting Health and Personalised Care) received a grant from ZonMw for an implementation study on smoking cessation in the workplace. In the study, they will examine how employers can be stimulated to provide a smoking cessation training for their smoking employees and to pay a financial incentive to those who quit smoking successfully. It will also be examined how smoking employees with a low socioeconomic status can be stimulated to participate in such a training.

This is a follow-up project of a randomized controlled trial that was performed by the same research team and was funded by the Dutch Cancer Society. The implementation study will be conducted by Maastricht University and IVO Addiction Research Institute, with research advisement by IQ Healthcare and Leiden University Medical Centre. A large number of societal partners are involved in the implementation study, including SineFuma who performs the smoking cessation trainings.