Healthy school lunches

24 April 2017

The key to a healthy generation is the school lunch

Less than 1% of Dutch children eats 150 gram vegetables per day, as recommended by the WHO. Therefore, it should become custom to eat vegetables during breakfast and lunch. Providing a healthy school lunch is an effective way to teach and create healthy food habits. An excellent example is The Healthy Primary School of the Future, a large study in region Parkstad evaluated by CAPHRI researchers. Three professors (Jaap Seidell and the CAPHRI researchers Onno van Schayck and Maria Jansen) recently received National attention for their plea to introduce Healthy School lunches, by means of a letter published in the NRC.

Not only the NRC, but also the Online Research Platform Follow the Money recently paid attention to the healthy school lunches in The Healthy Primary School of the Future. Quote ‘This is the ideal project for everybody who wants to improve lifestyle and academic achievements and introduce health promotion in a school setting’.