Hilde Verbeek to join The Young Academy

10 December 2019

Hilde Verbeek, associate professor in the Department of Health Services Research at Maastricht University/CAPHRI will join The Young Academy, a group of innovative scientists and scholars, in 2020. Verbeek is the coordinator of the Academic Collaborative Centre on Care for Older People.

Hilde Verbeek conducts research into care environments for vulnerable elderly people, in particular nursing home care. Here Verbeek focuses on innovative concepts, for example by adapting methods and systems. Her work is frequently cited both within and outside her field of research, including the Dutch Parliament.

Verbeek uses her expertise outside the academic world, in her capacity as advisor to the Council for the Elderly and coordinator of the Collaborative Center Care of Older People South Limburg, a collaboration between seven care organisations and four knowledge institutions. She is in favour of deploying researchers in care institutions, to ensure that all involved - from the elderly residents and their loved ones to staff and the researchers themselves - can learn from each other as much as possible. She also supports collaboration between researchers.

Young Academic talent

The Young Academy consists of talented researchers who share a broad interest in science practice, science policy and science communication. The Young Academy is an independent body within the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. Membership lasts five years. As a member of The Young Academy, Hilde Verbeek says she will be looking to promote interdisciplinarity and a greater focus on research teams, instead of individual researchers.


Original text: UM website