MINC symposium

15 December 2016

Sepsis development, diagnostics and therapy: fast, faster, fastest

Date / time: 15 December 2016, 17.45 – 21.30 hrs.
Location: Hotel Van der Valk, Nijverheidsweg 35, Maastricht

Every day about 40 people with a sepsis arrive in Dutch hospitals. Every day 10 people die as a consequence of sepsis on Dutch Intensive Care Units. More than 80% of sepsis cases are caused outside the hospital. Still sepsis is a rather unknown disease.

This MINC-evening will show some aspects of sepsis: the pathophysiology and immunology behind sepsis, the recognition of the sepsis disease outside and inside the hospital and which therapy fits in. Moreover, there are new diagnostic possibilities. Sepsis develops fast, recognition and therapy should be faster and the fastest diagnostic possibility can contribute to this. A relevant disease for experienced physicians, but also for physicians in training inside as well as outside the hospital. At the end of the evening you will know what sepsis is, how you can recognize it and what to do.

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