Caring for Health


CAPHRI provides high quality multidisciplinary research and teaching aimed at improving the quality of life of the individual and the health of the population through responsible innovation in public health and health care.


A new understanding of health as an ability to adapt and cope in the face of physical, social and emotional problems (resilience). This is especially important considering the increase in chronic diseases and multi-morbidity.

A user-centred approach, in which users of care become partners in their care.

The concept of care as an integrated care chain, ranging from prevention to rehabilitation and palliative care, whilst considering the whole life course.

Multidisciplinary co-operation with health care professionals and other stake-holders and a strong embedment in society.

Reduction of inequality in health between people of different socioeconomic backgrounds.

Improved quality and effectiveness of health care innovations through the evaluation of interventions from various perspectives: effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and normative consequences, whilst paying attention to content, process and structure.

Strong triangular interaction between research, education and health (care) practice, where societal relevance is the starting point for high quality research and education.

Training highly skilled and qualified PhD candidates and postdocs as our ambassadors, possessing transferable skills and competences and a broad academic view on health topics

An academic collaborative regional approach where collaboration and knowledge exchange takes place between practitioners, policy makers, researchers and the education sector in several areas, ultimately leading to accessible, high-quality and evidence-based health care.

Strong national and international position, where CAPHRI is well connected to top research groups and key organisations (both professional and funding organisations) and is able to influence agenda-setting (political as well as scientific) at the national, EU and global level.