The School CAPHRI is part of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML) of Maastricht University (UM).

UM is the most international university in the Netherlands and is characterised by its multidisciplinary and thematic approach to research and learning. In the latest World University Ranking (2015-2016) Maastricht University has risen from 101st place to 88th and in Clinical, Pre-clinical and Health the 45th place worldwide. By subject (2017), UM ranks world number one in ‘Education, scientific disciplines’ and number eight in Primary Health Care.

FHML is UM’s largest faculty, comprising 65% of the total staff and budget of Maastricht University. In 2008, the FHML has joined a cooperative alliance with Maastricht's academic hospital under the name Maastricht University Medical Centre+ (Maastricht UMC+). 

Within the School CAPHRI Over 300 employees and almost 400 PhD candidates work together in 16 discipline-oriented Departments, 6 theme-oriented Research Lines, and 5 regional Living Labs. In 2016, CAPHRI changed its name from ‘School for Public Health and Primary Care’ to ‘Care and Public Health Research Institute’ to better reflect its evolution towards research along the entire Care Chain, ranging from Prevention and Primary care to Rehabilitation and Elderly Care (please see our Organisational Chart). The School is traditionally well connected both in the region and internationally.