Pelerin lecture

14 March 2017

Pelerin lecture Medical History

Date | time: 14 March 2017 | 17.00 – 18.15 hrs.
Location: Flendrigzaal, level 4 azM

Dr Henk Menke (Rotterdam): The elusive leprosy bacterium: treatise on cause and fight against leprosy

‘Breaking news’: in 2016 Science reported that squirrels in Great Britain would be infected with leprosy. This millennia old disease still surprises us. Coming from the colonies, Europe was confronted with this medieval torture in the 19th century again, and in 19th century Norway leprosy was endemic. Hansen, coming from Norway, stated: “there is hardly anything between heaven and earth which is not considered as a cause of leprosy”. With the discovery of the leprosy bacterium (Hansen 1873), the leprosy problem was unfortunately not solved. The search for the complex genesis continues. In this lecture the intriguing debate about cause and control and the surprising role of the Netherlands and colonies will be discussed.

Free entrance, no registration required. This lecture will be in Dutch.

The Pelerin Lectures are organised by the Working group Medical History MUMC+.
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