PhD ceremonies April 2018

1 April 2018 to 30 April 2018
5 April 2018
16.00 hrs.

PhD ceremony Maartje van der Aa
Supervisor:prof. dr. J.A.M. Maarse, prof. dr. mr. S.M.A.A. Evers, Prof. mr. S. KLosse 
Co-supervisors: Dr. A.T.G. Paulus
Title:Financial risks of illness: a shared responsibility? Solidarity and deservingness in health insurance and disability insurance in the Netherlands

20 april 2018 
14.00 hrs.
PhD ceremony Melanie Kleynen
Supervisors: prof.dr. A.J.H.M. Beurskens, prof.dr. R.S.W. Masters
Co-supervisor: dr. S.M. Braun; dr. S.M. Rasquin
Title:Perspectives on theory and application of implicit and explicit motor learning in neurological rehabilitation


25 april 2018
14.00 hrs.
PhD ceremony Beatrice Scholtes
Supervisor: Prof. dr. H. Brand
Co-supervisor: Dr. P. Schröder-Bäck
Title:The ‘Research to Practice’ Gap in child safety: tools to promote the implementation of evidence-based practice in Europe