PhD ceremonies February

1 February 2016 to 1 March 2016
4 February 2016
16.00 hrs.
PhD ceremony Tiara Lopez Penha
Supervisors: Prof. M.F. von Meyenfeldt, Prof. R.R. van der Hulst
Co-supervisors: Dr E.M. Heuts, Dr A.C. Voogd
Title: Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema; studies on Prevalence, effect on quality of life, and microsurgical treatment options
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5 February 2016
12.00 hrs.
PhD ceremony Teunis IJzerman
Supervisor: Prof. N.C. Schaper
Co-supervisors: Dr H.H.C.M. Savelberg, Dr K. Meijer
Title: Muscle strength, mobility and quality of life in patients with diabetic polyneuropathy; the influence of a functional strength and gait training
17 February 2016
12.00 hrs.
PhD ceremony Christoph Aluttis
Supervisor: Prof. H. Brand
Co-supervisor: Dr T. Krafft
Title: Global Health, foreign policy, and agenda setting processes – The European Union as a global health actor
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18 February 2016
10.00 hrs.
PhD ceremony Desirée Vos-Vromans
Supervisors: Prof. R.J.E.M. Smeets, Prof. J.A. Knottnerus
Co-supervisor: Dr L.P.J. Huijnen
Title: Multidisciplinary rehabilitation treatment or cognitive behavioural therapy for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome

18 February 2016
14.00 hrs.
PhD ceremony Annemieke Bouman
Supervisor: Prof. H. ten Cate
Co-supervisors: Dr A.J. ten Cate-Hoek, Dr M.A. Joore
Title: Post thrombotic syndrome, exploring aspects of pathophysiology and personalized management

18 February 2016
16.00 hrs.
PhD ceremony Tomris Cesuroglu
Supervisor: Prof. F.J.M. Feron
Co-supervisors: Dr A. Krumeich, Dr E.V. Syurina
Title: Integration of a Personalized Health Care Model into Health Systems and Policies in Europe