PhD ceremonies January 2019

1 January 2019
11 January 2019
14.00 hrs.

PhD ceremony Velibor Peters
Supervisors:prof.dr. IJ. Kant, prof.dr. A.E. de Rijk
Co-supervisor:dr. J.A. Engels (HS Arnhem-Nijmegen)
Title:Working time arrangements; A tool to improve participation of nurses working in residential elder care

18 January 2019
10.45 hrs.

PhD ceremony Suzan Haidar
Supervisor: Prof. N.K. de Vries
Co-supervisor:dr. M. Karavetian, Zayed University, Dubai, UAE 
Title:The effects of lifestyle and dietary intake on health outcomes and the metabolic syndrome among Lebanese Lebanese University students 

 31 January 2019
14.00 hrs.  

PhD ceremony Peter Oomen
Supervisors:prof.dr. L.W. van Rhijn
Co-supervisor:dr. K. Meijer, M.R.Drost
Title:Simulating gait in patients with knee osteoarthritis