PhD ceremonies June

1 June 2017 to 1 July 2017
7 June 2017
14.00 hrs.

PhD ceremony Nienke O. Kuk
Supervisors: Prof. G.I.J.M. Kempen, Prof. J.P.H. Hamers
Co-supervisors: Dr G.J.J.W. Bours, Zuyd Hogeschool Heerlen,
Dr G.A.R. Zijlstra
Title: Moving forward in nursing home practice; supporting nursing staff in implementing innovations

14 June 2017
14.00 hrs.
PhD ceremony Eva A.M. van Eerd
Supervisors: Prof. D. Kotz, Heinrich Heine University
Düsseldorf, Prof. C.P. van Schayck
Title: Challenges in smoking cessation for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

19 June 2017
14.00 hrs.
PhD ceremony Ashim Roy
Supervisors: Prof. N.K. de Vries, Prof. T. van der Weijden
Title: BALANCING SATISFACTION, BALANCING HEALTH; Challenges of satisfaction in the public-private mixed health system of Bangladesh

20 June 2017
16.00 hrs.
PhD ceremony Alana E.G. Helberg-Proctor
Supervisors: Prof. K. Horstman, Prof. J.S.M. Krumeich
Co-supervisor: Dr A.M. Meershoek
Title: (Un)Doing Ethnicity; Analyses of the socio-scientific production of ‘ethnicity’ in health research in the Netherlands

21 June 2017
14.00 hrs.

PhD ceremony Nicole C. Verheuvel
Supervisor: Prof. V.C.G. Tjan-Heijnen
Co-supervisors: Dr R.M.H. Roumen, MMC Veldhoven, Dr A.C. Voogd
Title: The paradigm shift in axillary management of invasive breast cancer; From “treat all, except…”to “treat none, unless..”

22 June 2017
12.00 hrs.
PhD ceremony Rana Rizk
Supervisor: Prof. S.M.A.A. Evers
Co-supervisors: Dr M. Hiligsmann, Dr M. Karavetian, Dubai
Title: Health Technology assessment of hyperphosphatemia management among hemodialysis patients in Lebanon

22 June 2017
14.00 hrs.
PhD ceremony Maria J.G. Jacobs
Supervisors: Prof. G.G. van Merode, Prof. Ph. Lambin, Prof. L. Boersma
Title: INNOVATION IN RADIOTHERAPY; Going from good to better

30 June 2017
12.00 hrs.
PhD ceremony Laura M.J. Hochstenbach
Supervisor: Prof. L.P. de Witte
Co-supervisors: Dr S.M.G. Zwakhalen, Dr M.H.J. van den Beuken- van Everdingen
Title: SELF-MANAGEMENT SUPPORT FOR OUTPATIENTS WITH CANCER PAIN; Development, feasibility and impact of an eHealth intervention