PhD ceremonies March

1 March 2016 to 1 April 2016
2 March 2016
16.00 hrs.
PhD ceremony Viola Voncken-Brewster
Supervisors: Prof. T. van der Weijden, Prof. H. de Vries
Co-supervisor: Dr H.J. Tange
Title: A web-based computer-tailored intervention to improve self-management of people with or at risk for COPD

3 March 2016
14.00 hrs.
PhD ceremony Nienke van der Wulp
Supervisor: Prof. H. de Vries
Co-supervisor: Dr C. Hoving
Title: Zero for nine: reducing alcohol use during pregnancy via health counselling and Internet-based computer-tailored feedback

3 March 2016
16.00 hrs.
PhD ceremony Yvonne Fontein-Kuipers
Supervisor: Prof. R.G. De Vries, UM/Michigan
Co-supervisors: Dr M. Ausems, Dr M. Nieuwenhuijze
Title: WazzUp Mama?! The development of an intervention to prevent and reduce maternal distress during pregnancy
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4 March 2016
12.00 hrs.
PhD ceremony Anna Hendriks
Supervisors: Prof. N.K. de Vries, Prof. M.W.J. Jansen, Prof. S.P.J. Kremers
Title: Wicked problems and challenging opportunities: Development of integrated public health policies for the prevention of obesity