PhD ceremonies March

1 March 2017 to 1 April 2017
9 March 2017
16.00 hrs.

PhD ceremony Dave H.H. Van Kann
Supervisors: Prof. S.P.J. Kremers, Prof. M.W.J. Jansen, Prof. N.K. de Vries
Co-supervisor: Dr S.I. de Vries, The Hague University of Applied Sciences
Title: Active Living; The role of the primary school environment on children’s physical activity and sedentary behavior

22 March 2017
14.00 hrs.

PhD ceremony Mala Otieno George
Supervisor: Prof. G.J. Dinant
Co-supervisor: Dr M.G. Spigt
Title: Diagnostic Evaluation of Smear Negative Tuberculosis in a Resource Poor Setting

24 March 2017
12.00 hrs.

PhD ceremony Wilfred Truin
Supervisor: Prof. V.C.G. Tjan-Heijnen
Co-supervisors: Dr R.H.M. Roumen, Dr A.C. Voogd
Title: Surgical and systemic treatment of lobular breast cancer

31 March 2017
12.00 hrs.

PhD ceremony Jolien van der Geugten
Supervisor: Prof. N.K. de Vries, Prof. B.K.G. van Meijel, VUmc/Hogeschool Inholland
Co-supervisor: Dr M.H.G. den Uyl, VUA
Title: Lost in premarital Sex; Sexual and Reproductive Health of the Youth in Bolgatanga, Ghana