PhD ceremonies November 2018

1 November 2018 to 30 November 2018
7 November 2018
16.00 hrs.

PhD ceremony Dennis de Ruijter
Supervisor:prof.dr. H. de Vries
Co-supervisor:dr. C. Hoving, dr. E.S. Smit, UvA 
Title:Employing E-Learning to promote smoking cessation care; development and evaluation of a tailored e-learning program to support practice nurses to optimally adhere to evidence-based-smoking cessation guidelines

9 November 2018 
14.00 hrs.

PhD ceremony Geert van der Sluis
Supervisor:prof.dr. N.L.U. van Meeteren 
Co-supervisors:dr. R.A. Goldbohm, Lelystad, dr. T.J. Hoogeboom, RUN 
Title:From me needs knee to knee needs me; Transition of perioperative care for people that chose to have total knee replacement surgery by augmenting activity and personalized functional goalsetting 

14 November 2018
10.00 hrs.

PhD ceremony Corinne Ammann-Reiffer
Supervisor:prof.dr. R.A. de Bie 
Co-supervisors:dr. C.H.G. Bastiaenen, prof.dr. H.J.A. Hedel, Zurich, CH 
Title:Measuring and training of walking abilities in pediatric neurorehabilitation 

15 November 2018
16.00 hrs. 

PhD ceremony Rob Verdonschot 
Supervisor: Prof. dr. B. Kremer
Co-supervisors: Dr. L.W.J. Baijens, dr. S. Vanbelle
Title: Oropharyngeal dysphagia and its psychiatric Comorbidities; The prevalence of affective symptoms and the unmet clinical need for integrated care in medically unexplained symptoms 

16 November 2018
10.00 hrs.
PhD ceremony Martijn Schotanus
Supervisors: prof.dr. L.W. van Rhijn, prof.dr. R. Vos 
Co-supervisor: dr. N.P. Kort 
Title: A novel perspective in total knee arthroplasty: The patient specific instrumentation

16 November 2018
14.00 hrs.

PhD ceremony Evelien de Bont
Supervisors: prof.dr. J.W.L. Cals, prof.dr. G.J. Dinant
Title: Childhood fever in out-of-hours general practice 

22 November 2018
10.00 hrs.

PhD ceremony Rahul Shidhaye
Supervisors:prof.dr. D. Townend, prof.dr. Th. Krafft 
Title:Evidence to practice; Context informed mental health care plan to improve mental health services in low resource settings 

23 November 2018
12.00 hrs.

PhD ceremony Carolien van den Bogert-Dekker
Supervisor: Prof. dr. A.M.C.F. Verbunt  
Co-supervisors: Dr. C.H.G. Bastiaenen, dr. M..E.J.B. Goossens
Title: Adolescent chronic pain: Rehabilitation treatment targeting pain-related fear