PhD ceremonies September 2018

1 September 2018 to 30 September 2018
6 September 2018
12.00 hrs.

PhD ceremony Michaël Peters
Supervisor:prof.dr. J.P.W. van den Bergh, prof.dr. P.P.M.M. Geusens 
Co-supervisors: dr. A Van Tubergen, B. Van Rietbergen (TUE)
Title: High resolution CT imaging of finger joints: Automation of corticol interruption detection

6 September 2018 
16.00 hrs.

PhD ceremony Jeanette Saner-Bissig
Supervisor: prof.dr. R.A. de Bie, prof.dr. H. Luomajoki (ZHAW, CH) 
Co-supervisors: dr. J.P. Kool (Kliniken Valens, CH), dr. J.M. Sieben
Title: Specific or non-specific exercises for patients with low back pain and movement control impairment - What works?

7 September 2018
10.00 hrs.

PhD ceremony Loes Leenen
Supervisors: prof.dr. H.J.M. Majoie, S.M.A.A. Evers, prof.dr. C.M. van Heugten
Title: Self-management in Epilepsy: The goal is: "Live with a Z(s)mile"

14 September 2018
10.00 hrs.
PhD ceremony Peter Feczko
Supervisor: prof.dr. L.W. van Rhijn
Co-supervisor: dr. P.J. Emans, dr. J.J. Arts
Title: Innovations in total knee arthroplasty and their evaluations

19 September 2018
14.00 hrs.

PhD ceremony Theresa Thoma-Lürken
Supervisor:prof.dr. J.P.H. Hamers
Co-supervisors: dr. M.H.G. Bleijlevens, dr. M.A.S. Lexis (Zuyd Hogeschool)
Title: Innovating long-term care of older people: Development and evalation of a decision support app for formal caregivers in community-based dementia care