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The PhD coordinator together with the PhD representatives are meant to be a low-threshold contact for PhD candidates, spreading relevant information, organising meetings (such as the Spring and Fall PhD candidates meetings), and acting as a sounding board for potential improvements of CAPHRI regarding PhD candidates.

CAPHRI has three PhD representatives, who are internal PhD candidates themselves at one of the ten CAPHRI Departments. Esther Steenaart (Health Promotion), Thomas Gültzow (Health Promotion) and Karin van Leersum (Family Medicine) have taken up the role of representing the PhD candidates for the coming two years; Karin also represents CAPHRI in the FHML PhD committee (FPC) where the 6 Schools of the Faculty meet. As PhD representatives, Esther, Thomas and Karin also act as contact points for your questions regarding CAPHRI and overall PhD-related topics. In PhD and Postdoc meetings, they signal and respond to developments within and outside CAPHRI concerning PhD candidates. They also regularly meet PhD candidates of each CAPHRI Department in the PhD panel, in order to discuss various PhD-related issues that come up.

             Esther, Karin and Thomas 


In the monthly CAPHRI PhD InfoMail, the PhD representatives provide information about relevant matters, upcoming courses, (social) activities and events of the School CAPHRI and other organisations, and articles published by fellow PhD candidates.

Together with the PhD coordinator, the PhD representatives organise an annual meeting for first-year PhD candidates, as well as the CAPHRI PhD Spring and Fall meetings for all PhDs. These address varying topics relevant for PhD candidates and are a platform for interaction and networking amongst PhD candidates.

Information received from you will be treated with discretion and confidentiality. For any further questions, advice, remarks or tips, please feel free to contact Esther, Thomas and/or Karin at their own email address or


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