Prize for Nicole Verbiest

31 March 2017

Prof. Huygenprize for Nicole Verbiest - van Gurp

Yearly the Frans Huygen Foundation and the Dutch College of General Practitioners award the Prof. Huygenprize at the LOVAH congress. The prize of € 2.000,- is intended to encourage General Practitioner (GP) trainees to initiate new research. On 24 March 2017 this prize was awarded to Nicole Verbiest – van Gurp, PhD candidate and GP trainee at the Department of Family Medicine, for her research proposal ‘Current practice of Dutch general practitioners in detecting and diagnosing atrial fibrillation; a case vignette study’.

Her proposal is a part of the D2AF study, a national randomised controlled trial for case finding of atrial fibrillation in primary care. This sub study will be performed by a Health Sciences student, supervised by Nicole. Together they will clarify the current practice of diagnosing AF in primary care. The results will show on which areas improvement is possible.