Prof. Hein de Vries

Chair Promoting Health & Personalised Care


Hein de VriesFunction

Professor in Health Communication


Hein de Vries is a professor in health communication at the department of health promotion at Maastricht University. His research interest include planning health promotion interventions, understanding health behaviour and policies at the micro and macro level, developing health promoting interventions for schools, worksites, health care professionals and the general public (for instance via computer tailored eHealth techniques). With regard to the understanding of health behaviours and policies he integrates and tests various relevant theories using the Integrated Change Model that also serves as a basis for developing health promotion interventions, as well as for promoting the implementation of effective programmes. Mixed model approaches are often used in his work, not only combining qualitative with quantitative methods, but also process evaluations with effect and cost-effectiveness methods.

Both at the national and international level he collaborates with various universities, and he is currently a visiting professor for the ICSTE University of Lisbon. Areas of interest are smoking prevention and cessation, physical activity, nutrition, alcohol, early detection of cancer, skin cancer prevention, hiv prevention, patient education (e.g. for patients with COPD, type 2 diabetes), sexual violence, communication concerning second best health recommendations. He is co-editor of Health Education, Psychology and Health, and Preventive Medicine, with more than 400 papers, and has a current G-Hirsch factor of 63.


To develop and test innovative personalised interventions that cover the span of prevention to patient education and care taking into account needs of various relevant stakeholders and which will be adopted at the community, regional and national level.