Annerika (A.H.M.) Gidding-Slok

Phone: 0031 43 388 2997
Birthdate: 13-10-1986
Room: 3.051



November 2016: PhD, Cum Laude
Title thesis: Toward personalised managment using the Assessment of Burden of COPD tool.

2009: MSc, Public Health,
Master Health education and promotion, Maastricht University

2008: BSc, Health sciences,
Major Health education and promotion, minor Mental health

COPD, burden of disease, primary care/family medicine

I finished my PhD project in November 2016. My thesis described the development and evaluation of the Assessment of Burden of COPD (ABC) tool. This tool measures and visualises the experienced burden of COPD. The tool can be used in primary and secondary care. The Dutch Lung Alliance (Long Alliantie Nederland), decided, based on the positive outcomes of the trial, that use of the tool in daily care should be facilitated. Therefore, we are now implementing the tool in the Netherlands.


CAPHRI Care and Public Health Research Institute (Postdoc)
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