David (D.M.R.) Townend


Personal statement:

I am an academic lawyer engaging in questions about law and legal philosophy in health, medicine and the life sciences.

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Ph.D. (cum laude) (Maastricht University, NL, September 2012)

M.Phil. (Master of Philosophy by research, University of Sheffield, UK, July 1995)

LL.B.(Hons) (Bachelor of Laws, University of Sheffield, UK, July 1988)

Law: Health Law, Data Protection Law, Social Welfare Law, Intellectual Property Law, Regulation of Life Sciences, Human Rights. Legal Philosophy: concepts of privacy, property; interplay of Law, ethics and other social norms, particularly manners and politeness. Funded Projects: ANIMPACT (EC FP7), ETHICSWEB (EC FP7)

Law across aspects of health, medicine and life sciences;

Legal Philosophy, particularly the boundaries between norms, and the formation of legal concepts;

Particularly around issues in Privacy, Property and the Public Interest; Data Protection; Research Ethics Committees.


Health, Ethics and Society (Full professor)
Law and Legal Philosophy in Health, Medicine and Life Sciences
Work for third parties:
Visiting Professor of Health Law, University of Lincoln, UK , Occasional Lecturer, Ethics and Law Course, University of Sheffield, UK, Department of Biomedical Science. , Occasional external examiner, Ph.D. theses, various Universities , Ethics Committee member (various projects)
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