Programme RL session Promoting Health and Personalised Care


General session 
14.15           Opening, overview of the research line and future
  Hein de Vries 
14.30 Progress Vision talks 
  Trudy van der Weijden 


Presentations with a special focus on study design and (not) performing a RCT
14.45           Tailored eHealth for Type 2 Diabetes patients 
  Stan Vluggen 
15.00 Protocol RCT medical desicion making polypharmacy
  Jolijn Bohnen
15.15 Evaluation KWF campaign
  Karlijn Thoonen
15.30 Decision making about long-term care 
  Karin van Leersum 
16.00 The role of conscious and unconscious associations on health behaviour 
  Carolin Muschalik
16.15 Revalue the role of RCT's? 
  Reactions of Math Candel, Guido de Wert and public
16.30 Closure
  Hein de Vries