Project LIME approved

11 July 2016

Kennis-As project ‘Limburg Meet’ approved

The Province of Limburg will invest over € 3.5 million in the first part of the Kennis-As project LIME. LIME stands for ‘Limburg Meet’ (Limburg Measures). LIME will provide further development and better implementation of all kinds of (new) measuring devices.

Healthcare providers conduct countless measurements. Most of this registered data, however, is not used to improve daily care. Better processes and technical solutions provide more manageable ways of measuring and improve self-management.

LIME will facilitate collaborations between different disciplines (health, ICT and technology) and stakeholders (healthcare professionals, SMEs, companies and patients).

By letting patients make use of smart measuring devices, expensive care for the elderly and the chronically ill can move from the hospital to the health professional and even to the people at home.

LIME will also collaborate and connect with the Brightlands Health, Smart Services and Material knowledge centres.

The project is initiated by Zuyd University of Applied Sciences - coordinator of the project - in collaboration with Maastricht University and supported by the Province of Limburg. Next to CAPHRI, there will be cooperation with MHeNs, GROW, IDEE and the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences. Prof. Sandra Beurskens (department of Family Medicine and lector of Autonomy and Participation of people with chronic illnesses at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences) is one of the project leaders. The official start of the project will be 1 January 2017.

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