Crossing boundaries, connecting cultures

Learning from a participative social media approach to improve public mental health

Project leader: Prof. Klasien Horstman
Researchers: Dr Mare Knibbe, Prof. Marten de Vries
Period: 2012-2015

Low socio-economic status and multi ethnic communities report high incidence of mental problems like depression, anxieties and loneliness, but the gap between mental health care and these citizens is wide. The existing mental health care system is currently not able to adequately deal with the challenge of the interrelatedness of LSES, mental problems, life style and community conditions. While internationally Public Mental Health approaches have shown that citizen participation and intersectoral professional policy enable to deal with mental health problems successfully, the reach of these programmes is still a weak point. This project proposes to move beyond issues of reach by studying a participative multimedia approach – Bianca in the neighbourhood - to improve mental resilience in disadvantage neighbourhoods.