Accessibility of the labour market

The development of an assessment instrument to measure the accessibility of the labour market for visual impaired people

Project leaders: Dr Inge Houkes, Prof. Hans Bosma
Period 2007-2016

This research project aims to give a representative overview of the labour market position of visually impaired persons, as well as factors influencing and predicting successful participation on the labour market. There is wide evidence that the labour market position of visually impaired persons is worse than that of the general working-age population. People with visual impairments encounter more difficulties in finding and maintaining a job on the labour market. It was found that labour participation among visually impaired persons in the study sample was 36.8% (as compared to 67.1% in the general working population). In addition, several modifiable and non-modifiable success factors of labour participation were found, such as level of education, comorbidity. Level of visual impairment, mobility skills, acceptance and optimism.

Based on these results a preliminary individual assessment instrument was developed which can be used by visually impaired persons (and for example their job coaches) to assess their personal labour market position and to get insight in clues and starting points for improving their labour market situation.

Please find here a link to a web application for job coaches working with people with visual impairments (in preparation and in Dutch).