Summer Course Health Communication & Health Promotion

2 July 2018 to 6 July 2018

The Summer Course Health Communication & Health Promotion is organized by the Department of Health Promotion. The course leaders are Prof. Hein de Vries, professor in Health Communication, and Dr. Francine Schneider, senior researcher/lecturer Health Promotion.

About the course

Health Communication & Health Promotion are important fields for researchers, practitioners and policy makers. The goal of this intensive course is to provide an overview of relevant theoretical perspectives, taking the motivational approach as a starting point: how can we motivate individuals and organizations to adopt healthy behaviours and policies? In particular, the transition of theory into practice will receive substantial attention.

After following this course you will be able:

  • to apply planning models;
  • to use models to assess the motivational determinants of health behaviours; 
  • to develop health communication interventions;
  • to evaluate interventions;
  • to reflect on optimal marketing strategies involving multiple stakeholders.


Course format

The course will include plenary lectures, demonstrations and practical exercises. Plenary lectures will be used to provide insights into the main theoretical principles underlining this course. During the demonstrations experts will present on the successful application of this theory by providing real-life examples of health promoting interventions. During the practical excercise all participants work in small groups to discuss and apply the theory to several relevant health problems.


The course fee is €1000 (€100 discount if your register before May 2018) includes materials on USB and paper, catered lunches & refreshments, and participation in the social programme. 

Programme and application

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