Testimonial PhD candidate Eefje de Bont

Eefje de BontMy PhD

I am currently a PhD candidate and General Practitioner trainee at the Department of Family Medicine. After finishing the Physician-Clinical Investigator Master’s programme it was obvious I wanted to combine research and care as a General Practitioner. I enjoy the contrast between patient care and working as a researcher. CAPHRI provides me with the opportunity to translate evidence from research back to the consulting room, but also using the consulting room as a source of inspiration for my research.

My project

The aim of our project is to optimise doctor-parent consultations on childhood infections during out-of-hours care by General Practitioners. We developed an interactive booklet on childhood fever to target antibiotic prescribing and to empower parental self-management. Thereby reducing consultations along with antibiotic prescriptions, and improving quality and safety of care in febrile children.

My supervision

My supervisors Professor Jochen Cals and Professor Geert-Jan Dinant from CAPHRI teach me as a young researcher not by telling me I should change or improve certain things, but by showing me exactly how to change them. They provide me with room to personalise my own PhD track and inspire me to be creative. By doing so, they showed me what it is like to be part of a team when performing research but also encouraged me to be independent on the other side. Therefore, I feel responsible for my own project with them always being supportive by my side. CAPHRI as an organisation provides me with the opportunity to expand my abilities when necessary, by providing courses and organising research meetings where I can have discussions with my peers.

My ambitions

After finishing my PhD, I would like to become a general practitioner – researcher, and contribute to science by providing answers on everyday problems everyone sees, but few thought of.