Testimonial PhD candidate Vivian Bruls

Vivan BrulsAs well as a really friendly and supportive atmosphere, CAPHRI provides PhD candidates with the best resources to achieve their goal and become an excellent researcher. Not only are you a part of a high quality-research institute, you get many opportunities to work closely with some top researches. The attitude here is one of cooperation and communication. Any PhD candidate would attest to the fact that 'road blocks' are common throughout your trajectory. However, at CAPHRI there is always someone willing and able to help you get back on track.

Logical step

When I first started at CAPHRI, I combined research tasks with a job as physiotherapist. I found that research really appealed to me as I found it both challenging and interesting. I really wanted to try research at a higher level, so when I was offered to start a PhD trajectory at CAPHRI, this was a logical step for me to do. My PhD research involves complaints of arm, neck or shoulder (CANS) and is supervised by Prof. Rob de Bie and Dr Carolien Bastiaenen, who both have a physiotherapeutic background so we share similar interests. I was very fortunate to be able to do my PhD at CAPHRI which does a lot of research in the field of physiotherapy, so my background is a big advantage.

Excellent foundation

I’m convinced that a PhD trajectory at CAPHRI provides you with an excellent foundation for a career as researcher. I have no doubt this experience helps you to acquire a wide range of skills and knowledge. It makes you confident and ready to face challenges.

CAPHRI has the way

Starting a PhD was a very good thing for myself and my career. I never stop learning and growing as a scientist and a person and pushing the boundaries of my understanding. I would say: “If you have the will power, CAPHRI has the way”.